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​Bordered to the west by the River Nith, and by the Parkburn to the east, the parish of Kirkmahoe is kite-shaped, 7½ miles long by 5½ miles wide at its broadest part. It comprises the villages of Kirkton, Dalswinton and Duncow and several smaller settlements. 

There is a Primary School at Duncow and churches at Kirkton and Dalswinton.  Historically, the parish had four main estates, Dalswinton, Duncow, Carnsalloch and Milnhead.  A more recent addition is Newlands.

The parish is mostly low lying in the south, and rises to the north.  Most of the land is in agricultural use.  Many small burns run through the area.  The parish has been lived in for thousands of years.  Remnants of burial mounds  (tumulii), hillforts as well as Roman forts can be found within the parish.

Our Community Blog Kirkmahoe News will provide you with further information about the area.

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