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The book comprises 4 walks
Walk 1 Around Kirkton
Walk 2 Nature Ramble to the Nith
Walk 3 Dalswinton  Walk
Walk 4 Duncow & Newlands

NB The Nith Walk can often be impassable due to inclement weather conditions.
There is also some shorter walks

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Before going out into the countryside be aware of the 
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            The Story of Kirkmahoe                                     

Walk from Dalscone to Carnsalloch or Kirkton


1. Leave Dalscone following the signed path along the path, with Dalscone Fun Farm on your left.

After about 200 metres at a gate, this walk is signposted as Core Path 90.


The track bears to the right and goes along the top of the banking. Walk for about 2km, going through two gates. There are some lovely views of Kirkmahoe ahead and to the right.


2. When you reach a third gate, you have a choice of routes:

a) Go through the gate and immediately through the gate on your right into the Carnsalloch estate. The track skirts round the burnt out shell of the once grand Palladian mansion and joins with the main driveway which takes you to the main road, passing the wonderful but ruinous stable block.



b) Go through the gate and walk towards the next gate, turning left towards the bridge across the burn. Once you have crossed the bridge, turn right for a few yards, then go over the steps on your left. Carefully cross the electric fence (there is a post to hold on to and the fence is well insulated here. Turn right and walk beside the banking for about 300m until you reach a series of field gates.* Turn right through the gates to walk beside the burn. Follow this path, for about 900m until you reach the road. Turn right across the bridge, them immediately go through the field gate on your left and follow the path into Kirkton.



*If you wish, instead of heading for Kirkton, you can continue straight ahead and join with the Nith walk which starts on page 14, at step 3.

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